HHO Conversion?

Answer Fuel economy-boosting HHO (hydrogen-hydrogen oxygen, a.k.a. "oxyhydrogen") generators are a hot and bitterly contentious topic on today's fuel economy scene. Debated with equal ferocity by garage t... Read More »

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CDA to MP3 Conversion?

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PDF to MP3 Conversion?

PDF (portable document format) is used to store and read files and documents on a computer, irrespective of the hardware, application software and operating system that you are using. An MP3 file, ... Read More »

BTU to MBH Conversion?

If you are working on a construction job or a heating and cooling project, you will likely come across the need to convert units of measurement. This process can vary in complexity and the need fo... Read More »

WMA to AVI Conversion?

Windows Media Audio (WMA) files are exclusive to Microsoft media devices. They are not designed for independent players (though questionably sourced codecs, which are software patches that enable a... Read More »