HEy. Does anyone know of any month to month apartments in San Fernando valley ?

Answer Check a paper from that area, they still list vacancies.Or drive around and look for the "houses for rent" signs or "Apartments for rent signs"--

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Does anyone know my rights and what steps i should take in returning a 8 month old sofa that is faulty?

you have the manufacturers guarantee which is typically 12 months , so yes you should have a good case for returning the sofa, did you take out any extra insurance on top of the standard guarantee,... Read More »

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Does anyone know about the Jessica Urben Emails It's about printing invoices and getting paid 1800 per month.?

I just got caught up in this mess and I have reported these scam emails to career builder and multiple other scam sites. This is a check scam dont do it!!! The Jessica girl doesnt exist and they se... Read More »