HEPA vs. HEPA-Type Filtration?

Answer Installing filters in your air conditioning and heating systems or air purifiers can protect your appliances and make the air in your home cleaner. Not all air filters work equally well and the typ... Read More »

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What Is HEPA Filtration?

As more information about air pollutants becomes available, the stronger the desire is to remove those pollutants from the air. HEPA filtration has been added to many common household appliances su... Read More »

Can you get a HEPA filter wet?

A high-efficiency particulate arrestor (HEPA) filter (usually found in vacuums or air conditioners) screens small particles out of the air. Cleaning a HEPA filter can be done by running it under co... Read More »

What is a HEPA mask?

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. HEPA filters are capable of removing particles from the air as small as .3 microns, which is small enough to protect against many microbes and dange... Read More »

What does HEPA stand for?

The letters in "HEPA" stand for High Efficiency Particulate Air. It pertains to a throwaway, extended-medium, dry-type air filter in a rigid frame that has a particle collection efficiency of 99.97... Read More »