HELPP!!!! PLEASE!! I JuST GOT BIT !!!!!!!!!?

Answer Take any anti-infammatory...Aspirin's the best, though...Keep it in ice-cold water, and don't move around a spreads the fire-ant poison...It you drink alcohol beverages, make them crushed ... Read More »

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Hip problem helpp!!!!?

You have heard ???....Medically speaking, hear say, does not cut it in 21st century medicine. Without a proper office visit and diagnosis, to involve x-rays, difficult to ascertain. You are adding ... Read More »

Myspacee. helpp?

ITs all fake, stupid ppl just do bullitens like that for fun. THERE IS NO MYSPACE TRACKER, AND YOU WONT DIE IF YOU DONT DO WHAT A BULLITEN SAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cut in my mouth!! HELPP?

That happend to my sister the other day. You should gargle salt water at least every day until it heals. Make sure not to swallow it though. It will sting because it has bacteria in it. Hope this h... Read More »


You need to put ice on it and hold it above your head. The ice will help the bruising you caused by pulling on it, and holding it above your head will relieve the blood pressure to the finger.