HELPP I Took oxycotin and cant stop vomiting?

Answer You should seek medical attention for a reaction this bad. You may need IV fluids for electrolytes and dehydration, or evaluation for an allergic reaction. You could also have an unrelated health... Read More »

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Is there a possible way to stop yourself from vomiting?

Unless you can get an injection from the Dr. for vomiting you can't stop vomiting until the flu (which causes you to vomit) has gotten out of your system. Depending on how long the flu last, you ca... Read More »

How to Stop Vomiting?

Though vomiting might be necessary (i.e. if you have food poisoning), it can often be discomforting and unpleasant. Here's some simple methods to get you to stop vomiting and make you feel 100% in ... Read More »

Please help I can't stop vomiting?

Are you taking enough hits? Sometimes it helps when you smoke out of a bong. You should really stop smoking out of those cans. Those are VERY bad for you, especially when you are pregnant. Try the ... Read More »

How do you stop nausea without vomiting?

Nausea is not necessarily stopped by vomiting, and there are several causes of nausea. That said, there are some effective alternative medicine approaches. With homeopathy, the cell salt Natrum Sul... Read More »