HELPP I Took oxycotin and cant stop vomiting?

Answer You should seek medical attention for a reaction this bad. You may need IV fluids for electrolytes and dehydration, or evaluation for an allergic reaction. You could also have an unrelated health... Read More »

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I took a picture of myself naked and sent it. now everyone has it helpp!!?

Unless you can somehow get everyone's phone and delete the picture yourself, there's really nothing you can do. You should NEVER send promiscuous pictures to someone via text, email, etc. for exact... Read More »

Cant taste anything after i accidently took a sip of bleach!!?

I don't know it should if it doesn't go to the doctor

How to Stop Vomiting?

Though vomiting might be necessary (i.e. if you have food poisoning), it can often be discomforting and unpleasant. Here's some simple methods to get you to stop vomiting and make you feel 100% in ... Read More »

Can i drink eno to stop vomiting?

You're just severely dehydrated ... and even if you managed to make yourself vomit its most likely the alcohol is even in your stomach anymore.Drink a lot of water (but not all at once) ... having... Read More »