HELP!!! uncontrollable itchy sunburn!!!?

Answer hmm that is a toughie, keep up with the anti-histamines - often these drugs stop more histamine being released but doesn't do anything for the current reaction - keep them up tho. cold water is the... Read More »

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Please help! I have an itchy sunburn! What do I do?

Use any kind of cortisone its an anti-inflammatory and should help. You could uses cold compresses and take some aspirin and remember to drink lots of water.

How to Stop an Itchy Sunburn?

Try this if you want to relieve the itchiness of a sunburn.

How to Get Rid of an Itchy Sunburn (Fair Skin)?

Is that sunburn you got itchy? Well, read this remedy and be astonished. You can also prevent (not stop) that horrible PEELING that you dread!


Ask your dermatologist for a recommendation of any good sunscreen creams, some are specially formulated for acne vulgaris. To treat the existing sunburn, stay hydrated. You can also use aloe vera g... Read More »