HELP suddenly losing a LOT of hair?

Answer First, make a doctors appointment to see if an underlying condition is causing your hair to fall. You may need iron or certain vitamin supplements. So it's best if you make sure you're healthy.Next... Read More »

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HELP!!! Ever since I started wearing a Tin Foil HAt I've been losing my Hair!! Is this a Coincidence?

Yeah, that damn tin foil hat you sold ME turned my hair green too, I want my money back!!!! *hmpf*

HELP! I suddenly got weak these days?

the full moon or the full sun has nothing to do with it. Sleep might help but your question is so vague and provides so little information. MedWeb gives me 195 possible causes, so I would say keep ... Read More »

My mouse suddenly stops working please help !?

How old is the mouse? You might just need to cough up the money for a new one.

Our laptop suddenly shut down - windows 7- help?

Sounds like a bad virus. I would try rebooting and hold F8. Enter with safe mode, and use system restore. Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore.Now click on a restore d... Read More »