HELP my wrist hurts really bad?

Answer sounds like a ligament or tendon problem. continue to ice it for 20 minutes out of each hour and take some advil. It should feel better soon.

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My wrist hurts really bad?

If your still young, or growing, it could easily by your growth plates could have damage or could be fractured. Is it both, or just one wrist? This is really common in baseball and gymnastics.

Heard my wrist crack now it really hurts?

I would recommend calling an orthopedist's office Tuesday morning (if you're in the US, since Monday is a holiday) and asking for an appointment. They will probably try to get you in Tuesday or Wed... Read More »

I neeed help, please it hurts really really bad!?

Help pleaseeee help my stomach really hurts?

heat. hearing pad. heat water then put it in a water bottle. fill rice in a big dirty sock then heat in 1 min intervals. feel better.