HELP, my wnds xp wont start up. Any ideas?

Answer What happens? Any error codes? does your computer just beep at you? Do you have power? Please post some more info.

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My computer wont start!!! Please help!!?

Many questions here. Does the drive light come on? If not disconnect the hard drive. Do you get the BIOS boot screen? What kind of system do you have? Is the monitor in good order. If the monitor l... Read More »

Help my hp pavilion laptop wont start up windows!!!!!?

Try pressing F2 to enter your BIOS and try disabling the "restart on boot" from there. Also you might need a windows CD in order to fix this problem. You need to have a copy of the same windows ins... Read More »

My 750 xs yamaha wont start whats wrong pls help ty?

My bike never starts in the spring when I get it out unless I drain the carbs first. Although the fuel in the tank may still be good, the small amount of fuel in the carb bowls seems to deteriorate... Read More »

Poulan P3416 34cc wont start help!!!?

You probably have a good saw. Does it feel like it has good compression in the cylinders when you pull the Starter rope? If that is a positive, you have bad gas lines. They easily rot when fuel is ... Read More »