HELP mom sprained her ankle?

Answer Well im pretty sure you are supposed to keep it elevated as much as possible, when she is on it she should probably rap it. soak it is epsom salt water to help sooth it plus some pain relieves lik... Read More »

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My Sprained Ankle Help?

check with hospital about this situation...Good luck!

Sprained ankle, HELP !?

For Home treatment use the RICE treatment initially.. Rest for about 5 days use Double tubigrip (see link) for size and apply toe to knee.. Pain Relief 4 hourly ant i- inflammatories Nurofen Plus.... Read More »

Sprained Ankle Help Please?

That doesn't sound like a sprain, a sprain shouldn't hinder movement if its not swollen - go and get it looked at

Hurt ankle, maybe sprained... Help!?

When I broke my ankle, it didn't swell or bruise, I just couldn't walk on it. It all varies depending on how you hurt yourself and where on the ankle it hurts.Where does your pain stem from? Is it ... Read More »