HELP im really worried?

Answer Sounds like you might have a urinary tract infection. You can get uti test strips from your local pharmacy and test at home to see if its positive and if it is, you need to go to your doctor for an... Read More »

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Really Worried, Help!?

Hello! I suggest you don't use the internet to self diagnose issues. Talk to your parents, and a doctor. Seriously. Good Luck!

Plz help me, i am really worried!!?

Is the 6.0 for the measurement of the Hba1c?If it is, he may not have full blown diabetes, maybe just prediabetes.An Hba1c of 6.0 % corresponds to an Average Plasma Blood Glucose of 135 mg/dL. It ... Read More »

Plz help im really worried?

You could have the same problem I have and be allergic to "xantines"They are the central nervous system exciters from coffee, black tea and cocoa called caffeine, theophyline and threominbine respe... Read More »

HELP! I'm really worried!?

if you never had sex than atleast you know you cant be pregnant ... things will be fine this could be ocurring because of a lack of: sleep, alot of stress and many other things. continue with a hea... Read More »