HELP!! idk if something is wrong or not?

Answer Suppose it depends on how many people pissed in the pool

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Is there something wrong with my Canon Rebel t3 Or am I just not understanding something Please help!!?

To use your T3i in Manual Mode you must do two things:1) Learn to use your camera's light meter. Your Owner's Manual will explain how.2) Learn the Exposure Triangle - Aperture/Shutter Speed/ISO:htt... Read More »

Help ! something wrong with my scalp!?

stop using the bleaching stuff for your hair. You might not have washed your skin properly, so that substance might be the left over powder on your scalp. It is recommended that you must go for a c... Read More »

Something is wrong with my gums! help!?

You have a stage of periodontal disease. See a dentist as soon as possible because gum disease can lead to tooth lose and its even been proven to lead to diabetes heart problems and strokes. Let yo... Read More »

Help!!! Something is wrong with my computer... ?

get Nortonit has a 90 day trial and it works great.and that is a weird heard of one that did that.