HELP i have computer problems?

Answer it probably has a faulty graphics card

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Help!! Computer problems ?

That's what happens when you download crap for games from an unreliable source.Go into safe mode with networking, install, and run a full scan with MBAM, it's free: Read More »

Computer problems hw help?

1 b. microprocessor2 b. A smaller system that can be more easily controlled is developed to meet the highest-priority requirements.3 d. All of these 4. c. Results can be ambiguous. 5. d. filter.

Computer problems Need Help?

Press the Win Key + R. Once you get the "Run" screen, type: explorer and click OK.You`ll get it back on screen, but you should check for viruses, spamware, and spyware.And just a word of advice. Do... Read More »

Computer Problems...Please Help?

You have many issues that could have many answers. A virus in your system, corrupt drivers, RAM, problems, or even hardware problems. Since you have been able to type the message above, I would s... Read More »