HELP i got punched in the eye yesterday!?

Answer Did the person even apologize?No comment on the eye. But b-ball players can be real a$$holes. I've been punched twice for doing nothing but being a good guard.

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I got a bee sting yesterday, please help?

Get the stinger out ASAP if it is still in there. That is the very first thing you should do and what you should have done as soon as you got home yesterday.Wash with soap and water. If you have me... Read More »

I need a computer YESTERDAY!!!!!!! Help pleasss?

Price alone is not a accurate indicator of the quality of a computer; regardless whether it is a laptop or desktop and certainly you can find many EXCELLENT quality laptops in the $250 to $400 rang... Read More »

I am so stupid, I dropped my iTouch in a tub of water yesterday. Help?

shut it off right away and remove any access covers it has. set it down in front of a fan and turn it around and over every couple of hours for the next day or so. What you are trying to do is ge... Read More »

I dropped my razr cell in the toilet yesterday!! plz help!!!?