HELP! how to cure dry, split ends and improve hair?

Answer Yeah, first, get it trimmed and have all of them cut off. I've used coconut oil in my hair an hour before I take a shower, and that seems to work really well. There are some special shampoos and co... Read More »

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Ways to Cure Split Ends?

Split ends are hairs that no longer have their protective cuticle covering, and can appear as a result of not getting regular trims or applying excessive heat to the hair via blow dryers, curling i... Read More »

If hair grows from your scalp then why do people say trimming your dead/split ends with help its grow ?

Your hair won't want to grow with all that dead weight. And it's just better for your hair to trim split ends. Split ends should ideally be trimmed once a month or so, but that's not gonna happen, ... Read More »

Split ends.. I need help!!! :(?

tell her just that, that you want the split ends taken off, she shouldnt take off more than that.make sure that you try to use a heat protect spray/serum everytime you flat iron/blowdry/curl your h... Read More »

Hair Treatment for Split Ends?

Split ends are something that most woman will have to deal with at one time or another. The hair becomes dry and damaged at the ends, causing the hairs to split and fray. Most people think the only... Read More »