HELP! how do you use ISO settings on a digital camera, like, when do you use what settings?

Answer ISO is simply a measurement of the sensitivity to light of a light sensitive surface, either film or digital sensor. It is 1/3 of the Exposure Triangle, the other 2/3 being Aperture (aka f-stop) an... Read More »

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How important is it for your digital camera to have manual exposure settings?

Answer A camera with manual aperture and shutter speed settings allow for greater creative flexibility in your photography, as you can photograph in various light settings and create aperture and s... Read More »

What settings on a digital camera are best for photographing sporting events?

Answer i would recommend to buy a CANON A650, because it has really wonderful optionsi'm a beginner photographer and i use this model, it has 12.1MP and takes pics without blurring

How to Change the Settings on a Fujifilm Finepix S1000fd 10Mp Digital Camera With 12X Optical Zoom?

The Fujifilm Finepix S1000fd is a beginner-level digital camera. It offers the benefits of digital photography, such as instant image review, without the high price tag of more advanced models. It ... Read More »

I'm looking for Good settings to shoot sunsets and silhouettes I use a nikon d3000 Anyone have any tips or remember what there settings where while shooting. THank you all very much?

Unless you've dropped it, the noise is most probably the image sensor cleaning itself. If you look into the front of the camera when there is no lense attached, you'll see a small rectangle set at ... Read More »