HELP, "health issue": need substitute for "classic cokes"(hate Pepsi) - any ideas?

Answer Thank you for this opportunity to address your health issues. It takes true courage to write about things which unsettle us, and you have done that in posting your question and my hat is off to you... Read More »

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What is a "Help" issue, is that like a "Health" issue, or do you need symptoms for that, granted?

I'm puzzled. Do you mean HELLP syndrome? If that's what you meant, HELLP stands for:H-hemolysisEL-elevated liver enzymesLP-low platelet countHELLP syndrome is a severe form of pre-eclampsia (where ... Read More »

I had forgotten to claim a prior health issue as a prexisting health issue will I now never be able to get coverage for it under my current policy Could I even be cancelled out and lose my coverage?

I'm not an ''expert' on health insurance, but do know that any 'misleading' info on any insurance application can cause great problems. It is called Misrepresentation and can get claims denied and ... Read More »

"Can You RUN It" Issue... Really need help?

use Internet Explorer because the program usually works in Internet Explorer

Need Help with Monitor Issue?

Hi,The first thing you should do is to check if the monitor itself is bad or the there is a problem in the PC itself. Try to borrow a monitor from some and see if it works or not. If the borrowed m... Read More »