"HELP" error on my old film minolta?

Answer Without knowing the exact model of your Minolta its all but impossible to answer your question.Please edit your question to include the model.

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Need help with Minolta X-7 film camera?

I use and recommend Garry's Camera Repair - Although the Minolta X-7 isn't listed on his repair list he should be able to work on your camera. The only problem might be ... Read More »

What film is best for minolta maxxum 3xi film camera?

Any 35mm film will be fine. My personal choice for color prints is Kodak Ektar, ISO 100. For general black & white photography I use Ilford XP-2 Super, ISO 400. This and the Ektar are C-41 process ... Read More »

Minolta film SLR lens mount?

All manual focus Minolta cameras use the "SR" mount which was introduced in 1958. Minolta used this mount until 1985 when they introduced the Maxxum 7000 AF camera line with the "A" mount.So look f... Read More »

How to: Minolta 38mm Film Camera?

The real name is Minolta Hi-Matic AF2-M and work with a 35 mm film.The focal lenght of the lens is 38 mmHere you can download the User Manual ( operating instructions) in pdf : Read More »