HELP! What does the EA tech support mean by Bandwidth and Error code?

Answer How was your game 'not working'.They are assuming the application crashed, in which case you usually get an error code which could be a number or a string of numbers and letters. If you get one, th... Read More »

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What is the 800 for direct tv tech support?

Call (Hours 8:00am to 10:00pm) Home customers: 1-800-494-4388 Businesses - Bars & Restaurants: 1-888-200-4388 Businesses - Private Offices: 1-888-200-4388 Businesses - Business Viewing: 1-888-2... Read More »

To tech support people?

went to repair a printer...someone had fed a piece of lettuce into the machine.some of these clients... are sooooooooo stuppidddd.

Who should i call for tech support?

Do NOT call Apple, they don't do tech support for any peripheral device unless it was made by them. Call the card reader manufacturer.Test it again on your sister's PC. Do NOT assume that the car... Read More »

How to Call Xbox 360 Tech Support?

How to call Xbox tech support.