HELP WHy are we being sent these disgusting emails!?

Answer Sometimes spam companies send out emails to random addresses and if it goes through, they continue to send these emails and do not stop.I'm curious as to whether this boy that your friend has been ... Read More »

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How can I stop what is called the nigerian scam emails being sent to me?

There's no way. Every time one comes in, flag it, and any that might follow from that address will be blocked. This is a manual process, of course. Some hacker might have a bot or script they could... Read More »

On gmail, if you delete your sent messages, will the emails you sent be erased?

No because when you send a message its kind of like a copy. You have a version of it and they have one too.

Disgusting emails?

just click on the box next to them and then click on spam at the bottom of the page, it will automatically block that person from sending you anything else

How do I retrieve sent emails.?

On the left click inbox, then click the appropriate subcategory, Q&A's, messages, inmails etc. Then on the right click sent. Sheilah