HELP! Ubuntu accidentally installed!?

Answer Two steps: 1. Delete the partition Ubuntu is installed on using whatever method you prefer.2. Reinstall the Windows bootloader to your MBR (master boot record).

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Can Ubuntu be installed on a virtual PC?

You can install Ubuntu on a virtual PC using Microsoft Virtual PC. However, Virtual PC is a Microsoft product and only officially supports virtualization of Windows operating systems. As a result, ... Read More »

So I installed Linux Ubuntu....?

Beryl has now been replaced with Compiz Fusion is how to enable Compiz Fusion once Ubuntu 8.04.1/8.10 is installed and added any available updates via the Update ... Read More »

Ubuntu 9.10 desktop i386, can it be installed on a Mac G3?

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How to Delete Ubuntu Installed on an External HDD?

Designed with an intuitive interface and ease in installation, Ubuntu is an open-source Linux operating system released by Canonical. One of the many features of the Ubuntu operating system is the ... Read More »