................HELP URGENTLY.....?

Answer Goto default settings and make windows explorer as default I mean open Control Panel>Programs>Default Programs>Set Default ProgramsFind windows explorer and select it, and when pops for set default... Read More »

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Urgently need help with Java. Please Help!?

Use methods for the different each part of the program including the display of the menu.Add an extra option for exitdo { // Program loopPrintmenu()get choicewhile (choice < 1 || choice > 6) { // V... Read More »

Please help urgently!?

You just had surgery on your toe! Its going to hurt more before it gets better! What your feeling is probably just your toe healing. Iv had ingrown toenails too and I just cut them out my self lol ... Read More »

Help please urgently !!!!!?

If he doesn't notice you the way you are he's not worth it. Don't change for someone they should like you just the way you are. Try googling hairstyles for short/medium/long hairstyles (whatever le... Read More »


I think you should see a doctor to be safe. It could be nothing but it might be something serious. Get it checked out. Here's an NHS page to read;…'You sh... Read More »