HELP!!! Tell me what to expect please ?

Answer It shouldn't hurt, but take a advil before going. It's wierd because there's no pain but you still feel the pressure. The faster he pulls it out the less it will hurt.

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Please tell me my cut is still healing please help ?

Just stay calm. Don't worry too much. What you heard is correct, the eyelids are extremely sensitive, therefore take longer to heal. Just don't rub it with your hands or a towel. Gently tap it if y... Read More »

Is my ankle broken please help and tell me what u think?

You should go to the hospital to get it checked out. There's a possibility it's broken, but it could just be a sprain, too. Just go, get it checked out and see what they say.

HELP ! Please tell me why...........................…?

For the same reason I have to change my panties whenever I see a 1967 Challenger. Especially if I can hear a Hemi under the hood!

Help! My girlfriend went numb for 3 hours after she woke up and couldn`t move! Please tell me what it could be?

it could be a number of things but you need to take her to the emergency room of your local hospital now even if she feels ok now something went very wrong therethis can be anything from migraine s... Read More »