HELP. Spilled red wine all over everything?

Answer Shout removed quite a bit of **** from my stuff. I got my pillow bloody from my nose and i soaked it in shout. All that's actually left of it is a little brown stain from the second time it happene... Read More »

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Help! Wine spilled on laptop?

you`ll do fine RM, perfect what you`ve done, would be good if you left it turned off overnight in room temperature.have a great Christmas!Flux.

Help!!! I just spilled wine on my keyboard, what do i do?

tilt it to the side and let it drain out then let it dry it should be fine after that. most keyboards are spill proof these days. just let it dry and you can use it again.

Help!! I've just spilled wine on my keyboard....?

Try using a straw to suck it up,if that fails,you'll have to buy another bottle.

I've been drinking red wine and am now out, but have some white wine how can I go the change over without?

The only reason you would feel sick tomorrow would be if you stopped drinking long enough to sober up. Just keep a steady stream of alcohol in your system and all will be right with the world.