HELP PLEASE!! i reaally need help i did something i shouldnt have?

Answer I'm gonna assume that it was powered on when you dropped it, in which case, I'm sorry to say, it is probably trash now. Basically, what happened was the water caused power to surge across the circu... Read More »

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I reaally need help ... i guese?

Beauty means nothing. Really, for most things in life, beauty won't help or solve problems. In romance, for example, there is a lot more that a person must have to be attractive and lovable and che... Read More »

I have acne and am looking for something that will help my face. proative isnt helping. please help!?

Everything can affect you (and it does) some things in positive ways and some in bad. Each body is different and so I dont know what does or does not work for your body. Is something you will have ... Read More »

How do i connet my dsi to the internet help please oh and what is a ssid i already have the router i need help?

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier, and its basically the name of your wireless connection. On your dsi there should be an option to search for the name of your router automatcally, then you ju... Read More »

Okay, so I need help planning my 15th birthday, I want to have a theme, but am I too old for it HELP PLEASE!?

you need to be prepared ...have a time schedule for games and what will unfold during the course of the night..have paper wear..cups and napkins and plates and balloons in a couple of ... Read More »