HELP PLEASE!!! Easy computer problem, overlapping text?

Answer Press the "insert" button on your keyboard, that should fix it. :) Good luck

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Help please Big Computer Problem?

it's possible you might have got hit with spyware.ispynow. this happened to many people last night including myself, around 18:30EST. it took me a while to figure it out... you'd know if you got so... Read More »

Computer problem. Help...PLEASE?

Hello fellow Brightonian.Do you have to re-open internet explorer after your screen saver kicks in, if this is the case you have more or likely got some virus, i'm sure you know how to do a scan . ... Read More »

Computer Problem!!!! Please HELP!!!!?

Whatever you did might have deleted your video card drivers.If you've got the CD driver for your video card, then install the drivers, if not, then check you video card serial and look for the driv... Read More »

Computer problem please help?