HELP PLEASE!!! Easy computer problem, overlapping text?

Answer Press the "insert" button on your keyboard, that should fix it. :) Good luck

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Text message problem: what might be the reason you could receive a text but not send?

from my experience, the reason why they weren't able to send texts is because they was a liar

C program help, easy problem?

Learn how to use fscanf here:…and then attempt this yourself.

HTML problem Easy 10 points?

Somewhere in the options of TextEdit is an option to save files as pure text. Right now you aren't doing it like this, so it's actually saving the angle brackets as angle brackets instead of HTML t... Read More »

How to print something off a forum (Problem with the text going off the page)?

Try viewing the webpage without its styling, then open the print preview. It will still show who posted it, but it'll look more printer friendly without the forum template and the background images... Read More »