HELP, Need a quick Food dish!!?

Answer Spaghetti with bottled tomato sauce and hot dog slices.

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HELP I need a quick food dish?

Tuna pasta and mayonnaise on jacket potato...takes 15 mins for spud and pasta all together...

HELP 6yr old MIght repeat Kindergarten because of Not knowing how to READ much, Need to help her learn quick?

Nothing is wrong with her. Remember that.You are worried, which means you are a parent who cares.Back off for a while if she refuses and wait until she is ready, becasue if you are trying to push t... Read More »

I need some help quick !?

First look at the bottle. What does it say under "in case of an overdose?" If it says to induce vomiting, I would stick my finger down my throat if I were you. If it says not to, don't. Call poison... Read More »

Help! I need a quick hickey fix!?

A hickey is pretty much a superficial bruise with a bunch of broken blood vessels. Sorry, there is no overnight cure for a hickey.