HELP! My screen is so big and I can't make it smaller!?

Answer That Always Happens Tooh` Meh` When mhy` Frandz Use Mhy` Computer`Click [ Start Section That Says Turn Off Computer, Choose Stand By, It Will Shut It Down , BUT It Will Save All The Things You Sti... Read More »

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Display screen smaller than monitor size. Help!!!?

How to make mac screen smaller?

hold the control key and scroll down :)EDIT: just press and hold control (located near the left of the space bar) then place two fingers on your trackpad and move them downward (scrolling down)that... Read More »

How to Make a PC Screen Smaller?

When looking at your computer screen, the resolution is the number of pixels displayed vertically and horizontally. A larger resolution has more pixels, creating a larger workspace with smaller obj... Read More »

How do I make the Windows screen smaller?

Adjust Screen ResolutionAdjust the screen size in a Windows operating system by following a few simple steps. Click the Start button on the menu and select "Control Panel." Once you're on the Con... Read More »