HELP!!!! My penis has turned a shade of green and the pain is immense!! WHAT DO I DO?

Answer Just hang out here on Yahoo Answers and wait until it falls off. Makes sense to me.

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What should you do if a doctor played with your penis when he was supposed to be checking your testicles and hinted that you might be turned on by this?

Answer His behavior is professionally unethical and he should be reported to both the police and the directors of the hospital/clinic where he is employed. Regardless of any legal outcome, do not g... Read More »

What should I do if I was bitten by a spider and a week later the bite did not hurt, but turned green?

First, this is not a spider bite, but does sound like a bad infection. you need to treat this or have a doctor treat it.The center is a pustule, (pus pocket) and needs to be drained. If gently sque... Read More »

The green BACK BUTTON has turned gray and doesn't work on my Firefox screen. What happened?

Maybe you have not opened a previous page so it has no previous page to go back to.

My tv is has turned a funny green colour?

you cant uve probably wrecked the tube with a magnet