HELP! My bf been bite by a brown LOCUS SPIDER!!?

Answer If he's pretty certain that it's a Brown Recluse, then that is the other spider of 2 in the US (beside the Black Widow) that is poisonous. He needs to go to a doctor--seriously--unless he wants t... Read More »

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What does a brown recluse spider bite look like?

Do not judge based on YA. Go to the doctor.

What does the brown recluse spider bite look like?

The "fangs" of the brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa) have sharp tips. But the tips are curved "in" at the ends, and are not like a snake's, which point "down" when those are open. Spiders a... Read More »

Identify this spider bite.... Brown Recluse?

Contrary to hyperbole, you cannot see fang marks from anything other than huge spiders like tarantulas. Nearly all spider bites will have a lingering itch from the venom, but symptoms rarely last t... Read More »

What is a natural way to heal a brown recluse spider bite?

Most brown recluse bites will heal nicely with just common first aid.Given your injury is very recent, I might suggest a trip to a clinic or dermatologist to have it examined.If there is a need for... Read More »