HELP! Mt Finger Won't Stop Swelling and it Hurts!?

Answer You should go to your doctor and have him prescribe you some antibiotics.

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Cut on finger. wont stop bleeding?

lift your finger higher than your head for 1 hour.

Just cut finger with a knife seems that it wont stop bleeding?

Try a "liquid band-aid." It is a bottle of liquid that will air dry on your skin and seal the wound. It works great. It works much better than a regular band-aid. (Although it stings like hell when... Read More »

Please help I burnt my finger and now it wont stop hurting?

DO NOT APPLY ANYTHING COLD TO IT. This will make it even worse when you want to take the cold off. I've made that mistake before and the burns last a lot longer if you apply cold things , such as i... Read More »

Lip piercing swelling wont go away!?

Why not just wear a hoop til it heals? Sometimes ya gotta compromise.