HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are there any doctors in the house?

Answer Don't listen to people here, ask a profesional.Call NHS direct on 0845 4647or go to their website. They're really good and either a doctor or a nurse will get back to you very quickly.Hope you get ... Read More »

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Is there help for teens who are pregnant and get thrown out of the house by their parents?

Answer most places have a womens crisis center that can give you temp helo and help you get on your feet and get started and explain options look in the phone book for womens crisis center

Doctors, is there any alternative medicine out there proven to be effective in treating ...?

The BEST are Bilberry, Omega 3, and B150 (take this 2x/day) ! In tandem with eating flax seeds, onions, blueberries,eggs, lots of Kale, and 1 glass of Red wine/day (yes, Red Wine has been proven in... Read More »

Metformin side effects Any doctors in the house?

You know, I was just wondering earlier today if someone would ask about metformin. I'm a pharmacist and one of my babies that I like to counsel on is metformin. Metformin is a great drug. There is ... Read More »

Is there a website where u can post pictures of inside of your house and people can help decorate?

upload pics on photobucket and put the link in the details and people on here can help you.