HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are there any doctors in the house?

Answer Don't listen to people here, ask a profesional.Call NHS direct on 0845 4647or go to their website. They're really good and either a doctor or a nurse will get back to you very quickly.Hope you get ... Read More »

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Do hotels still have house doctors&detectives?

High-end hotels do still hire house detectives to investigate problems and evict troublemakers. Some businesses also offer physician services 24 hours per day, seven days a week to hotels. Two of t... Read More »

Metformin side effects Any doctors in the house?

You know, I was just wondering earlier today if someone would ask about metformin. I'm a pharmacist and one of my babies that I like to counsel on is metformin. Metformin is a great drug. There is ... Read More »

Anyone knows where can I find a list of the best glaucoma specialists/doctors in London. private doctors only.?

just use the yellow pages or whatever the equivilant of the yellow pages is in england

Is it disturbing that doctors and wanna be doctors hang out in the alternative section....?

Very well said. Yes, it is extremely disturbing. The agenda is to discredit natural healing. This does a disservice to those seeking answers, probably impeding their healing. They not only disc... Read More »