HELP ME! What is wrong with my toenail?

Answer You have a fungus... not to worry, Cats-Claw as an herbal supplement and Lamisil ointmentNail Fungus you really Kill your Nail Fungus ?The answer could be a big fat ... Read More »

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What is wrong with my toenail?

a new nail is replacing the old one, it cannot be rushed, nut it will be painless, so panic not

Ingrown toenail surgery gone wrong?

It usually takes 10 days before it finally heals and stops hurting..............

How to Use a Toenail File on the Side of a Toenail?

Whether you're preparing for spring sandals or a walk on the beach, getting your feet ready for display may be a priority for you. One way to ensure your feet look their best is to keep your toenai... Read More »

Was it wrong of me to teach my child the wrong numbers, colors, and letters?

Honestly Court, you did most of us parents with really stupid kids a favor. Now all of our special ed kids seem really smart compared to your idiot kid. I am definitely nominating you for Parent of... Read More »