HELP ME PLEASE....should i go to the hopital ( sorry bad spelling)?

Answer I don't necessarily think you need to go to the hospital, but if you are HOME ALONE, make sure you've got someone over there with you in case your symptoms get worse. If you can't get someone to c... Read More »

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Overeactive bladder (sorry for any spelling mistakes)?

Your spelling is correct. Over active bladders are not always a sign of infection because if you did have one, urinating would burn, cause pain. Are you drinking more water than usual. Some peo... Read More »

If you have a spinal cord injury are you always paralised [sorry if spelling wrong]?

Not always. Depends on the severity of the injury. Some recover.

Help me tell a fellow YA parent that im sorry!!!!?

I doubt it was me, although you and me have had a running before although it was a misunderstanding, but im sure your friend will forgive you.Its hard when your suffering mentally ive also suffred ... Read More »

First Grade Spelling Help?

First-graders are beginning spellers. Their struggle to master basic spelling patterns is based heavily on their understanding of letter sounds (phonics). The goal of spelling at age 6 or 7 is to c... Read More »