HELP ME!!! Hiccups!!?

Answer Drink a glass of water with a paper towel on top... meaning drink the water THRU the napkin... I have never seen this NOT work.. (ps everyone always laughs at this, but they thank me later!)

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I have the hiccups right now... i tried drinking water but it wont help plz help me get rid of them?

Get a slice of lemon, cover it with sugar, and then drizzle the sugar with bitters. Bitters, if you do not know, is a sort of alcoholic syrup used in small quantities to flavor drinks like Old Fas... Read More »

Hiccups! Help me please?

hiccups happen d/t many causes, most common cause is bad posture: like looking down too long or/ and slouching; where T-4,5 and/or 6, one or two segment pinched on the nerve(s) which goes to diaphr... Read More »

Help! Hiccups are painful!!?

This usually works for me; Try to get your mind off the things. Think about something else. What I've heard is, let your mind wander, think you're on a plane, heading 1,000 miles away, in a few sec... Read More »

How do i get rid of hiccups?

There are 2 ways I've found to be most effective, first is drink a glass of water and hold your breath while you do it and keep holding it as long after you swallow the water as you can, second whe... Read More »