HELP! Laptop computer screen quit working. How to fix it?

Answer Is the Laptop screen completely dead? Can you hook the laptop up to an external monitor?

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Dropped laptop, screen only half working?

well your lucky you didnt drop it while it was running or if u did do it while it was running your lucky you didnt crash the hard drive. the monitor is probably trashed and needs to be replaced. th... Read More »

Please Help... AGAIN... My Computer Screen Isn't Working!?

Maybe bring it to someone to repair it, or just replace it with a better, newer Macintosh, Tobisha, Dell or something ...

I have a problem in my computer,when i turn it on I get nothing on the screen but the power supply is working,?

Check your Motherboard, CPU, and Power Supply.I think your Motherboard is shorted, try the swapping method.

How do I use a desktop screen with a laptop computer?

Determine the ConnectionsCheck what sort of video output your laptop is capable of. Check what type of video input your desktop monitor requires. The typical formats are DVI, VGA, S-Video, Mini-DVI... Read More »