HELP! Junk food craving and cigarette cravings?

Answer Trying to quit that way you'll continue smoking and you'll be eating a lot of junk food.Want to quit? Be aware of ...- No one can quit if not entirely convinced to do so.- There's no best nor easy ... Read More »

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Best way to avoid junk food cravings?

fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit!fruit is very good for you. if you are craving sweets, have some pineapples or grapes. when you just feel so dang hungry, eat an apple. apples are filled with fibe... Read More »

I am a recovering anorexic. All of a sudden I'm craving junk food like pacakes, ice cream, pizza...?

its okay to eat those things you deprived yourself for so long. i say enjoy

What are some things I can do to help curb this craving for a cigarette?

Write down how much money you spend on them per week and multiply that by 52 and see how much money you burn each year to ruin your health. Pray and ask God to take the craving away if you believe... Read More »

Major food cravings and other symptoms please help?

Possibly, or maybe you could be just about to go on your period.?!