HELP! I'm using Google Chrome and Youtube isn't working! It says "An error occured. Plase try again later"?

Answer It just means that youtube isn't working.. you can't do anything but wait

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Google chrome isnt working?

For a year..??You have to update the browser, or reset it :)To reset ChromePress Windows Key + R to bring up command prompt. Enter " %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data " without quotes and pres... Read More »

Google and YouTube not working (Chrome, Firefox)?

Well, seriously, looks flying spaghetti monster has taken control on your PC!JK, actually you should have described more to the problem.Possibility 1. Flash Troll Problemi. Check if your flash play... Read More »

"Software on your computer requires an update. Download here." error on youtube in google chrome?

Just so everyone's clear, you DO NOT need to download the file. For those of you who don't know what extensions are, in case there are any, let me walk you through it. In the upper right-hand corne... Read More »

Youtube isnt working?

Just try again. Your computer was too slow. It does that all the time.