HELP I'm Soooooo Tired?

Answer Hala avoid the quick buzz drinks they do you and your body no good,what you may need is a ME day.Hard to do during the week cause of classes and work but on the weekend make it a PJ day rent a coup... Read More »

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I'm soooooo bored......?

I have this zit on my nose thats whitish at the end and it hurts soooooo bad!!! how do i get it off?

My sunburn itches soooooo bad it's unbearable?

Hi,You can follow some measures mentioned below:1. Leave the blisters intact. Do not lance or pierce the blisters or scratch them off. Instead, leave them intact to rupture and open on their own.2.... Read More »

My puter is running soooooo slow ...?

ok you clearly have a start up issue this is what you do . . . on the taskbar go . . .1) click start - run and type msconfig2) a systems configuration utility window will appear3) there will be alo... Read More »