HELP!! I think I've been hacked by someone!!!?

Answer The administrator is the default account used in Windows.This is actually normal.If you lose access to Task Manager and Regedit. This means you've got a virus in your system.Get a new antivirus and... Read More »

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My facebook got hacked i deactivated it can it still be hacked?

As a security procedure, you can 1st change the password of your Facebook account and then Deactivate it :)

How to See If Someone Has Hacked Your PC?

Opening an email or using a public Wi-Fi connection can potentially invite a computer hacker into your computer. While keeping a hacker out is difficult, it isn't too hard to see if one is already ... Read More »

I think I am hacked!?

Also try: -- It's a special remover that deals with trojans / backdoors only. And yes, there are backdoors that allows hackers to see open ports designated by certain backdoors an... Read More »

How to Know if You've Been Hacked?

There are many ways to find out if your hacked but some ways hackers get in are surprising.Symptoms of being hacked are:If programs and files won't work or open.Deleted files that you didn't delete... Read More »