HELP! I swallowed hair dye and my face is burning up!?

Answer call poison control and ask them! they will tell you what to do ...... my bet is they will send an ambulance for you .ammonia is deadly if swallowed!

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My face is burning after using aloe soap?

You are probably allergic to something in the soap-- not necessarily the aloe.I wouldn't use that soap again if I were you.If other soaps or shampoos or skin cremes, etc. start giving you similar p... Read More »

I keep smelling something like a super hot hair iron or burning hair?

Check the circuit breaker panel, also the switch that operates the lights that are flickering. If it feels hot then shut off circuit breakers until those lights go off and call a electrician. Could... Read More »

Does burning hair causes cancer?

What you wanna burn your hair?Go on be my guest...

How to Calm a Burning Scalp From Hair Dye?

Sensitive skin or improperly applied hair dye can result in an irritated or burned scalp. This can be avoided by following hair dye instruction properly. In fact, Clairol recommends you perform a "... Read More »