HELP! I suddenly got weak these days?

Answer the full moon or the full sun has nothing to do with it. Sleep might help but your question is so vague and provides so little information. MedWeb gives me 195 possible causes, so I would say keep ... Read More »

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I'm 15 and today suddenly felt very weak and my vision was all blurry and discolured is there something wrong?

are you eating and drinking well? could be high or low blood pressure/ dehydration /blood sugar levels/ tiredness...- eat well, drink plenty of water and exercises to stay healthy and fit.but I th... Read More »

Is feeling sore/weak 3 days after weightlifting normal?

Yes, it is normal. Your body just needs to readjust and adapt to the strain of weightlifting. Especially after 1 year.

Why am I suddenly sleep walking again after all these years?

It's probably due to extreme stress and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and being pregnant can increase the frequency of sleepwalking. Try to avoid or minimize stress, anxiety, and fatigue.... Read More »

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