HELP! I need legal advice for a ring worm situation at a preschool I work at.?

Answer I would call your licensing agency and make an anonymous complaint. Then, keep the areas covered. Use plenty of whatever you need to cover the affected areas and frequently request more supplies ... Read More »

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PSU help done the work need advice?

i7 975:130 watts(stock clocks,non over volted)gtx 580 sli:450-550 wattsdvd driter:5 wattshdd:5 wattsfans:1-2 watts.usb hub:5 wattsrough estimate.697real life tests Read More »

Facebook situation need help?

i think A unfriended B b4 deleting her/him

Someone stold my ipod in situation need help?

I work in a filthy work environment and need advice?

Some illnesses are only transferrable by blood, so if you were to touch someone's bloodwho was infected with say, HIV, when you had a cut on your finger, there is a chance you could become infected... Read More »