HELP! I just burned by fingers picking up a hot pan how can i relieve the pain?

Answer put aloe vera on them...... and take some tylenol......sorry you hurt not put butter on it.......

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Help!!! hot grease burned my fingers!!! besides cold water, what eases the pain?

Recently, I had the same thing happen and I got the quickest relief by running cold water over the burnt area.It's important to keep the burnt area under running cold water until the entire burnt a... Read More »

I just burned all my fingers of my left hand while I tried to clean the stove. Easiest way to soothe the pain?

if you put some wet salt, will hurt for a short time, but will soon feel better.

My picking fingers keep bleeding?

You could do what my boyfriend does and wrap a band aid round your other fingers...................

Quick... my mom burned her fingers on the stove?

Lol "call a nurse or urgent care"... Uh why would you do that if alls he did was burn her fingers (she said NOT SERIOUS). Anyways, just run them under cold water without ice for like 2 minutes and ... Read More »