HELP! I just broke my camera!?

Answer First try getting it repaired/returned/use the warranty like others saidIf all else fails, try these methods, and I warn you, I just made them up. But to make my suggestions more accurate, I need m... Read More »

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you know what?don't panic.there are plenty of cheap point and shoot cams on market these days.Buy him a nikon s560, state of the art, he'll be in ecstasy! with 10.5m pixels and 5x optical zoom, nik... Read More »

Help! I just broke.......?

Try taping it together like you did to the bust of Mr.Brady's head when you broke that when the kids were trying to scare you.

Help! I think I just broke my wrist!?

is it painful, you may have dislocated it if its just popping. if your concerned you should go get it checked out. the longer you wait the worse it may get

I've just broke my braces! Pls help?

I just got my braces about an hour ago. And don't trip. Just call ur ortho and go in to get it fixed . Don't worry . And that blue glue thing is gross ! The taste was in my mouth for an hour !