HELP! I just broke my camera!?

Answer First try getting it repaired/returned/use the warranty like others saidIf all else fails, try these methods, and I warn you, I just made them up. But to make my suggestions more accurate, I need m... Read More »

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Shopko's Digital Camera policy, i've had it less than a month and the inside of the camera broke.. money back?

If the shop has a 30 day money back guarantee, then all you need is everything that came in the box, the box and a receipt. Some shops have a "restocking" fee, but since your camera is being return... Read More »

I think i hav broke my camera...?

looks like you've broken the LCD. might cost between $50 and $200 to fix, depending onn what camera you have. The manufacturer will fix it for a price. Warranty usually doesn't come into play here ... Read More »

My camera (sony dsc wx9) broke. Will I be given warranty?

No, because it's damaged by the 'user' not by faulty equipment.


you dropped it= accident....your mum will be mature enough not to scream the house down, its only a material thing, she can claim on the house insurance... let us know how you get on, good-luck x