HELP!!!!! I have to have a injection tomorrow and i'm terrified of needles!?

Answer The waiting for it is always worse than actually doing it.I dont know how to help you, but in 24 hours it'll all be over.

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I am terrified of needles! HELP?

Close your eyes. The actual pain is nothing. Just try not to think about it and close your eyes. Remember it will only last a short time. Then just take some medicine to ease the stiffness.

I hate needles but have blood test tomorrow. will it hurt really bad?

Shouldn't hurt at all if your nurse knows what she's doing. The only time blood draw is painful is if the nurse misses the vein and has to fish for it...very rare, they do this all the time!

Terrified that I have / am going to get meningitis! HELP!?

Probably related to your getting off the antibiotics.It's wise to be concerned though. Keep monitoring for any symptoms. Google WebMD to check them out. Health-related anxiety is entirely normal.... Read More »

Help me Please i have flu:( i have to be done with This until tomorrow?

It's not that hard, seeing your on the Internet now, just YouTube the song