HELP!!!!! I have to have a injection tomorrow and i'm terrified of needles!?

Answer The waiting for it is always worse than actually doing it.I dont know how to help you, but in 24 hours it'll all be over.

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I am terrified of needles! HELP?

Close your eyes. The actual pain is nothing. Just try not to think about it and close your eyes. Remember it will only last a short time. Then just take some medicine to ease the stiffness.

I am going on motorway for the first time tomorrow and am terrified!?

Don't be, your much more likely to have an accident on the normal roads. That's a fact.

Why do they sterilize needles for leathel injection?

good question.well the point of sterilizing needles is to prevent the passing of diseases and infection but since the person is gonna die anyway.... i dont know.there is probably some law somwhere ... Read More »

Why do they use sterilised needles for death by lethal injection?

The needle might get clogged up from a previous excicution - if your injecting into some1, that needle is going into the arm and could get cloged by skin cells therefore you wouldnt be able to admi... Read More »