HELP!! I have mice?

Answer It's time for the full treatment of dinner on the house.This is what you do so listen to me very carefully and I am going to show you how to catch the entire colony in one night.First off, locate ... Read More »

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Giant mice Have some really big mice running around with super long tales, but don't look like rats?

EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! A MOUSE!Easy ladies, the dok is back in town....what ya got there is the rattus rattus (no joke) the roof rat, the ones with great tails. nicer looking then your avera... Read More »

Who remembers watching a tv show about mice it started with a older mouse reading a story and then zooming into a little door where little mice would be does anyone know what it's called?

What are some irresistible mice baits that will NOT mice?

Funny, you don't want to kill them but it's ok for cats to do it ? You can buy humane traps, mice like chocolate. Put the traps at the edges of the room because mice are naturally cautious and pr... Read More »

How to Ear-Tag Mice?

Scientific research provides society with some of its greatest discoveries; it also presents it with some of its greatest ethical dilemmas. Using animals for scientific research requires respect no... Read More »