HELP! I got bit by a leech and I'm not sure if it's infected or how to cure it!?

Answer Leeches are really quite clean. I think you are just freaked out by getting a leech bite.It is healing, you are irritating it which prolongs the healing.Yes, apply neosporin several times a day an... Read More »

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I'm pretty sure my nipple ring is infected! Help me!?

You should visit a doctor as soon as possible to rule out infection. If it is infected, you will be prescribed antibiotics.

How to cure a infected toe with over the counter medication PLEASE HELP!?

You *think* it's infected?Sweet Jesus - you get him to an urgent care clinic before he loses to the toes, and possibly his feet and life...if he has a fever, you go to the ER, alright? Please?He co... Read More »

I cut my thumb, and i'm not sure if it's infected.?

If the skin is pink and healthy, and no bad oozing of liquids other than ocassional blood, you should be ok. What you really need to look for are streaks of red that start at the injury area and m... Read More »

How Do I Make Sure That My Scrape Isn't Infected && How Do I Treat It?