HELP I THINK MY TOE IS DYING!!!!!!!!!! DOCTOR pls!!!!!?

Answer You're 13 and you have a little brother and your mother left you for India? Who is watching you? Tell your father. Tell the babysitter. Tell your grandparents. Tell whoever is in charge and let the... Read More »


If a doctor restarts your heart, do you remember dying?

I died while giving birth, twice actually. I vaguely remember the chaos that was going on around me.

I feel like I am dying, but I can't see a doctor. PLEASE ANSWER. (10points)?

I am a new LPN so not qualified to diagnose but it sounds to me like what ever you have going on is neurological and the symptoms seem like it could be important to get treated soon. There are a gr... Read More »

I am 12 years old and i think i have a yeast infection but i am to scared to say it to my mum or go to the doctor as my doctor is a man and if he wants to check or talk about my vagina?

Yeast infections should not go untreated as it could do damage to your reproductive tract. It may be embarrassing to you but both your mom and your doctor have your best interest in mind. Yeast in... Read More »

Where can you find a site the has a pic and description of every controll in the 11th doctor's TARDIS from Doctor Who?

I'm not too sure about a website (although you could try the official BBC Doctor Who website) but 'The TARDIS Handbook' by Steve Tribe has some quite detailed photographs and descriptions of the co... Read More »