HELP! I NEED someones advice/opinion!?

Answer That's bloody hilarious but I'm here to help.Cats can carry a disease called toxoplasmosis, which is passed out in their faeces. This can then be passed on to humans who come into contact with the ... Read More »

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What is a sti in someones eye?

Its an infection in your eye that you can get from not sleeping enough or not cleaning your eyes properly after using makeup. If you or someone you know gets it, go to a doctor, their the best way ... Read More »

I need someones help!!!?

Your body is telling you it doesn't like you smoking pot. Listen to your body.

I REALLY need someones help! ANY ONES help RIGHT NOW!?

uninstall and reinstall, make sure the drivers installed are completely removed and restart computer fresh, then go through set up cam again.

If I have someones name and phone no.?

yes....You never have to pay those exorbitant directory assistance charges again. Check out these sites to find telephone numbers for individuals, businesses and to look up zip codes: # - ... Read More »