HELP! I NEED someones advice/opinion!?

Answer That's bloody hilarious but I'm here to help.Cats can carry a disease called toxoplasmosis, which is passed out in their faeces. This can then be passed on to humans who come into contact with the ... Read More »

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I REALLY need someones help! ANY ONES help RIGHT NOW!?

uninstall and reinstall, make sure the drivers installed are completely removed and restart computer fresh, then go through set up cam again.

I need someones help!!!?

Your body is telling you it doesn't like you smoking pot. Listen to your body.

Im vegan and need someones opinion/help?

Why are you Vegan? Is it an ethical or a health decision? If it's strictly a health decision and you have no moral or ethical issues with the preparation and consumption of meat, then go ahead an... Read More »

I'm freaking out i need someones help ! please! Herpes?

It is most likely a cyst or ingrown hair. If it bothers you you can make an appointment with a derm, and have them express it. If it is an ingrown hair it will become painful and red.If it is a c... Read More »